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What's So Special About Tupelo Honey?

Posted by Stephanie on

Tupelo is the Cadillac of All Honey

For example, did you know that Tupelo honey is the only honey that will not crystallize? And the because of the specific ratio of different sugars, it's the only honey diabetics can eat?

The best Tupelo honey producing region in the world exists in the Florida panhandle along the Appalachicola, Chipola, and Choctahatchie River systems of creeks and backwaters.

Real Tupelo honey is a light golden amber color with a greenish cast. The flavor is quite delicious, buttery and distinctive; a choice honey. Good tupelo, unmixed with other honeys, will not granulate.

Tupelo honey comes from a tree which grows only in wet swampy soil, such as in the Florida Panhandle. The blossoms on this tree are delicate and have a limited bloom each Spring. Pure White Tupelo honey has a unique flavor and a light greenish color. It is also known as monofloral honey and it is made predominantly from the nectar of only one type of flower. To produce monofloral honey, beekeepers must track when certain crops such as orange blossoms are flowering and plan the hive location as well as the timing of each honey harvest.

Each Spring beekeepers must strip all of the honey stores from each hive just as the Tupelo bloom begins. This assures that the harvest will be pure white Tupelo honey. The hives are then moved to riverbanks and swampy areas where the Tupelo trees grow. The Tupelo trees have a very short bloom time and the blossoms are particularly delicate and vulnerable to wind and rain.The trees only blossom for three to four weeks, so beekeepers truck their hives right into the thick of it to get the best honey.

Just before the Tupelo bloom ends and other flowers begin to blossom, the hives are removed from the swamp and the honey is harvested. This is a very difficult uncertain and labor intensive process.

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