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Black Friday and Holiday Weekend Sale

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Be part of our first Black Friday / Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Sale @ Design2Brew in O'Fallon Missouri We're celebrating kits -- Beer Kits, Wine Kits, Cider Kits, and Equipment Kits take 10% - 15%. Take 15% off our Glassware. Brew 2 cases of beer or wine including taxes and bottles for $139.99

Better Booze Blog #2

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What is in Your Water Water is probably the single most important ingredient in the beer brewing process. Water is probably also the most neglected ingredient by the home brewer. Think about it.If water does not contribute significantly to a beer’s flavor, then why does Coors (Yes Coors is a real beer) spend an inordinate amount of money promoting the fact that [...]

Better Booze -- #1

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Welcome to Design 2 Brew’s Better Booze Blog (BBB).The BBB is dedicated to helping the home brewer and wine maker improve the use of science and technology.We hope to have our readers redefine the concept of better living through chemistry to mean better booze through chemistry and ultimately produce a better beer, wine, cider, mead or distilled spirit [...]

A Lucious Port In Time For The Holidays

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One of the many wonderful traditions of the Christmas celebration is the requisite appearance of the a Sweet Port wine. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the block of Stilton that magically appears on the dining room table during the last week of December.Or perhaps as an accompaniment for a perfectly roasted stuffed pork loin with a dried-fruit stuffing?Design2Brew has [...]

Tech Tip - Calibrating Dial Stem Thermometers

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As most off you know, temperature is so important in homebrewing. Whether you’re mashing, steeping grains or fermenting, being in the right temperature range is critical. And sometimes being off by a few degrees can make a big difference. After some off results from the last few batches, I started to question my thermometer readings. As it turns out, I’d [...]

Design2Brew Introduces Group Wine Projects

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With nearly 90 wine kits from RJ Spagnols and Wine Expert in the store, one of the most frequent questions our customers ask is "How Do We Choose." So many wine kits, so little time. The solution to this question is the Group Wine Project. Five customers split four wine kits or [...]

Reserve your 2014 Limited Edition Wine Kits from Wine Expert Now

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014 Limited Edition Wine Kits Wine Expert is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their Limited Edition kits with five special wines!Orders need to be placed by Dec. 5, 2014.Design2Brew Customers will receive free corks and silver bottle capsules FREE with their order.To place your order now, follow this link: 2014 LimitedEdition Wines***** Local customers may also visit [...]


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Hopped ciders. Need I say more? Yum.......We just kegged the Tart Cherry Cider we made in the Cider Basics Class we did in the store a couple of weeks ago and are planning the next one.  We have a great selection of Mangrove Jack's Cider kits in the store to choose from ...... but I want [...]

Pondering the variety of hops we have in the store...

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Today, I assigned myself two tasks – the first to take a deep dive into the store’s hop varieties in greater detail and the second to brew a late summer beer to welcome my husband back from overseas.Once I identified the recipe (Grapefruit Honey Ale) and started the brew, I sat down to consider hops.When we opened the store we knew [...]


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 In the next few days a new business called Design2Brew will in the Winghaven Center in O’Fallon, Missouri. Housed in 3,000 square feet, Design2Brew will 1. Be licensed to provide brew on premise (beer and cider) and wine on premise (mead and wine.) The equipment we have selected is new to the market. Hasn’t even been released and the manufacturer [...]

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