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Samichlaus - The strongest beer in the world!

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Join us this Saturday December 5th from 10:00 - 2:00 PM  for our free all grain brew session.  This month we are brewing the historic Samichlaus beer.  To be sure, Samichlaus is a beer among beers, and with a story to match. It claims to be (and probably is) the strongest lager in the world [...]

Don't Wait In Line - Make Your Own Bourbon Stout

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Don't have the time (or inclination) to stand in line for a few bottles of Bourbon County Stout year after year?  Relax.  Why not make your own?  A handful of fresh ingredients from Design2Brew and a bit of time is all that is standing between you and two cases of your very own BCS.   [...]

Flavors That Develop During Aging of Wine

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At many a wine tasting the host will disappear and return moments later with a bottle of wine that they have been keeping for years asking when they should drink it. I often answer, today! It is not that I want to drink the wine there and then - more [...]

Make Some Cranberry Wine for Next Year This Season

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CRANBERRY WINE (Recipe for 6 Gallons)What you’ll need:21 lbs – Previously Frozen and Thawed Cranberries 15 lbs – White Table Sugar 1 – Red Grape Concentrate1 Package Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast 6 tsp – Yeast Nutrient 3 tsp – Yeast Energizer ¼ tsp – Liquid Pectic Enzyme ¼ tsp – Potassium Metabisulfite 1 ½ tsp – Tannin (or 1 cup of strong black tea made with [...]

Lactic Bacteria in Winemaking

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Sources Various lactic bacteria (LAB) may affect wine during fermentation. Although some of these bacteria may be beneficial (i.e. lactic for malolactic fermentation (MLF) most are undesirable and will render a wine undrinkable or spoiled. Often poor equipment sanitation practices is often to blame, often the grape juices are infected by bacteria on the surface of the grapes and leaves [...]

Mead Competition Results

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Congratulations to the mead makers who participated in Missouri's First Mead Competition hosted through the Honey Festival.  Final judging of the mead entries was conducted by Ken Schramm and Patrick McGovern.  The Final Round results are are published below

A Traditional Mead For Mead Day

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With the right ingredients, making mead is a simple undertaking, requiring minimal equipment.  The resulting beverage is smooth and silky and ready to drink in 60 - 90 days (though aging your mead longer will greatly improve the body and flavor.)The process we have outlined below for a one gallon batch of mead incorporates Design2Brew Mead [...]

Honey Honey Varieties

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We are often asked about our honey so we put together a listing of the varieties we stock with a short description of their characteristics. Alfalfa Alfalfa is a legume with blue flowers. It blooms throughout the summer and is ranked as the most important honey plant in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and most of [...]

Missouri Grapes

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We have added a new page to the website to track grapes and or juice available in the 2015 season for home winemakers.  Check back often to see the updates. 

A Recipe for Root Beer (family friendly and alcoholic versions)

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Summer is the perfect season to make root beer the whole family can share. The process is simple and the ingredients are all in stock at Design2Brew.Before we begin collecting our ingredients we need to decide if we will bottle or keg the soda. If kegging (or the use of force carbonation / CO2) is used no [...]

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